Working out regularly is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. But to get the most out of your workouts, you need to have the proper nutrition before and after. What you eat before and after your training can make or break your performance, so it’s essential to understand the best nutritional strategies for maximizing your workouts. Let’s look at what to eat before and after workouts. 

Before Workouts 

You were eating before a workout is essential for giving you enough energy to perform at your peak. In general, you should aim for something light that won’t weigh you down but will provide enough fuel for your body. Complex carbohydrates like whole grain bread or pasta are good sources of energy that will give you a slow release of energy over time.

You should also include lean protein like eggs or chicken, which will help keep you full and provide more sustained energy throughout the workout. For people who work out first thing in the morning, having a small snack like some fruit or yoghurt can give them the power they need without being too heavy on their stomachs. 

After Workouts 

Post-workout nutrition is just as important as pre-workout nutrition, if not more so, because it helps with recovery and muscle repair. Immediately following a workout, your body needs protein and carbohydrates to rebuild muscle tissue and replenish glycogen stores in the muscles.

A simple meal such as tuna on whole grain toast or grilled chicken with sweet potatoes would be ideal because it contains protein and complex carbohydrates essential for post-workout recovery. You could also go with smoothies containing whey protein powder mixed with fresh fruit, yoghurt, honey, or almond butter which provides both nutrients in an easy-to-digest form.  

The key takeaway is that proper pre-and post-workout nutrition is essential for getting the most out of your workouts and aiding in recovery afterwards. Eating something light but high in complex carbs beforehand will give you enough energy without weighing you down during exercise; eating something containing protein and carbs later will help with muscle repair and replenish depleted glycogen stores. Keep these tips in mind when planning meals around your workouts!